Precious Summer

Precious Summer

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DATES AND LOCATION: Design Pub will take place from Sunday August 14th – Saturday August 21st in the Miami Design District, Miami FL United States.

SELECTION PROCEDURES: Design Pub will make the final selection of exhibitors in the Show by August 1st, 2016.  All applicants must show examples and images of the pieces.

Applicants must submit the following to Design Pub:

  1. About Your Company
  2. Exhibition Concept
  3. Preliminar Visualization
  4. Past Exhibitions (If Applicable)
  5. Images of work to be presented

Cost of the show:  $850 - $10,000.

This space includes the following:

  1. Surface area 
  2. Spotlights
  3. Concrete Flooring
  4. Basic vinyl sign 
  5. VIP invitation to Design Pub Opening Event
  6. General admission tickets to the show
  7. Inclusion in the Design Design Pub press and marketing activities
  8. Listing on the Design Pub web
  9. Design Pub Dinner during the show
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