Applications 2016 - 2017

Dear Applicant, 

Welcome to the Design Pub Family. 

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to applying :) 

Applicants must submit the following to Design Pub:

  1. About Your Company
  2. Exhibition Concept
  3. Preliminar Visualization
  4. Past Exhibitions (If Applicable)
  5. Images of work to be presented

This space includes the following:

  1. Surface area 
  2. Spotlights
  3. Concrete Flooring
  4. Basic vinyl sign 
  5. VIP invitation to Design Pub Opening Event
  6. General admission tickets to the show
  7. Inclusion in the Design Design Pub press and marketing activities
  8. Listing on the Design Pub web
  9. Design Pub Dinner during the show

Terms and Conditions

1.    Acceptance

Acceptance of Exhibitor’s Application by the Show is effective when Show Management receives the completed Application of that Exhibitor and Show Management accepts the Application in writing.   Show Management reserves the absolute right to decline or reject any proposed Exhibitor whose products or services are not satisfactory to Show Management, in its sole discretion.

 2.    Governing Terms and Conditions

Participation by the Exhibitor in the Show is subject to the terms and conditions set out below which shall govern the contract between the Exhibitor and Show Management to the exclusion of any other. Participation is in all cases subject to written acceptance by the Show Management. The Application Terms are made a part of these Exhibitor Terms and Conditions and are incorporated herein by this reference. Show Management reserves the right, at any time to issue other rules and regulations of participation to supplement these terms and conditions, and Exhibition shall comply therewith.

3.    Exemption

Show Management reserves the right to waive, add to or alter any of the Terms and Conditions in the interests of the Show, whether generally or in any particular case, to take into account unforeseen circumstances. Exception from any one or more of the Terms and Conditions may be granted at Show Management’s discretion, but will only be effective if given in writing.

4.    Withdrawal prior to Acceptance

Any applicant may withdraw its application prior to receiving the Contract Confirmation without any cost/penalty.

5.    Space Allocation

Once the Exhibitor has been given written notice of acceptance into the Show, Show Management will allocate the space to the Exhibitor. Space allocation takes into account the floor plan design, the exhibition theme and technical specifications.

6.    Payment

Payment should be made via Design Pub Website by August 1st, 2016.

7.    Works Exhibited

Show Management has the right to require complete details of any proposed design and reserves the right to prohibit the exhibition of any object which does not meet the requirements.

a.    Authenticity: Exhibitor is strictly accountable for the authenticity of the objects which are shown or sold at the Show.

b.    Works for Exhibition and Sale: Objects exhibited in the Show must qualify as examples of emerging design. These objects must be unique, prototypes or artist proofs, handcrafted or using advanced technologies, produced in finite quantities, no longer in production, or rare examples of historic industrial manufacture. 

c.    Labeling: All exhibitors must have a description listing of each object displayed or to be displayed in the booth. Each object must be properly attributed and correctly labeled including an account of the date in which it was made, country of origin, description of materials and statement of condition of the original form, including a detailed description of restoration.  

8.      Admission to the Show Premises

The Exhibitor must obtain from Show Management the necessary passes to admit their representatives and contractors to the Show Premises during the set up period. Show Management reserves the right to expel or to refuse to admit any person notwithstanding that person’s possession of the pass. Passes will only be issued to authorized individuals who have been submitted for Show Management review prior to registration. Sharing of passes with unauthorized individuals may result in expulsion from the Show. No additional badge requests will be accepted on-site.

 9.      Participation

Exhibitors are obliged to use the booth for the duration of the Show and to keep the booth sufficiently manned during Show opening hours.

10.    Indemnity

The Exhibitor will indemnify and hold harmless Show Management and Landlord against any and all claims, liabilities and losses which either or both may incur as a result of or incident to Exhibitor’s participation in the Show or exercise of any of its rights or privileges as an Exhibitor at the Show, including without limitation as a result of: -any claim made in respect of damage to persons and property caused by the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor’s booth, installation, furnishings, exhibits or staff or contractors, employees, or agents; -any breach of the Terms and Conditions of this Contract by the Exhibitor; or -any claim for copyright infringement, for which Show Management may be sued or held liable relating to work submitted by or through the Exhibitor or any acts or omissions of the Exhibitor or its staff or agents in connection with the Show during the period of occupation or otherwise.

11.    Failure to occupy

An Exhibitor who fails to occupy their booth by 11am, August 21st, 2016 will forfeit his/her right to occupy the space and Show Management claims full right to that space. In that event, the Exhibitor shall remain liable for the full rental and any additional costs incurred by Show Management.

12.    Electrical Services

Show Management will use reasonable endeavors to provide common area lighting, but shall not be liable to any loss or damage due to failure or interruption of any service. 

No Exhibitor is allowed to install its own power connection.  Fire, safety and security regulations must be followed.

13.    Maintenance

Show Management will be responsible for keeping the common areas of the Show Premises clean. Each Exhibitor is responsible for the maintenance of its booth and will leave the booth in the condition in which it was found, allowing for reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Exhibitors will be charged the cost of making good, restoring or renewing in all cases of damage or dilapidation to the Show Premises, such costs to be assessed by Show Management.

14.    Delivery and Installation

Show Management will use reasonable endeavors to ensure sufficient access to the venue to enable Exhibitors adequate time to set up their booths whilst complying with the regulations laid down by the Landlord.

15.    Sales of Goods and Exhibits

The Exhibitor may offer goods and exhibits for sale to visitors at the Show and shall comply at all times with all sale of goods legislation.  The Exhibitor shall issue a receipt for each sale made at the Show if requested, which must clearly show the Exhibitor’s full legal name and trading title, together with their permanent address and the Exhibition Booth letter.

16.    Withdrawal from the Contract

Without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, Show Management shall be entitled forthwith to rescind its acceptance of an Application and/or terminate a Contract with an Exhibitor by written notice to the Exhibitor at any time if:

●      acceptance to the Show was based on false or misleading information provided by the Exhibitor;

●      the Exhibitor fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions;

●      the Exhibitor ceases, or threatens to cease, to carry on business;

●      the Exhibitor is or becomes delinquent in any payment owed to Show Management, or to any affiliate of Show Management, or to any third party providing logistics or other services, with respect to this Contract or any other contract between Exhibitor, Show Management, or any affiliate of Show Management.

●      the Show is cancelled for any reason other than for a Force Majeure Event.

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